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About that life-size Korra poster…

You see I finished it a while ago, but my computer isnt powerful enough to export the damn thing (seeing as the image is about 21,000x12,000 pixels. Yeah, damn) But soon I’ll be back in my digital art classes and I’ll have access to computers that ARE powerful enough. So I thought I would take on the task of making more life size posters. Starting with the Gaang in the “Old Friends” poster. So the question is, Who should I do first?

Hey Look! Zuko gave an interview about Legend of Korra

Well its really Dante Basco of course. If you’re too lazy to click the link and watch the interview (Part 1 & 2) then heres the rundown.

-he IS going to be voicing a character in LoK

-he IS NOT playing Zuko though. So be prepared to hear that voice coming from someone else

-his character (whoever it is) WILL be a part of the finale and maybe an episode or 2 leading up to the finale.

So who could he be playing? Because they wouldnt put someone like him in an unimportant role. What do you think?

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